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Random Number Generators in Online Casinos

Randomness is one element of gambling that has to be present to create an environment of fair play. Randomness is present in well-shuffled cards and the spins of the roulette wheel, among others. But how will you know that randomness is present in online casinos, where the games don't use real cards or wheels?

The generation of random numbers is an important concern addressed by reputable and reliable online casinos, through the use of quality random number generators. In the absence of a real tool or implement that can create totally random results, such as a spinning roulette wheel, the random number generator takes care of the job.

The most common type of random number generator used by online casinos nowadays uses a mathematical equation. This random number generator is the easiest to create and works extremely well on all games that use totally random results. The mathematical algorithm must be as flawless and foolproof as possible to create a real impression of randomness and prevent players from finding out defects in the system.

There is another type of random number generator and this uses natural phenomena such as atmospheric noise. A random number generator can also be based on the Geiger counter, which detects radioactivity levels. Random number generators of this type are not feasible to produce and implement for online casinos because of technological limitations.

If you are the kind of player who demands that extreme randomness be present in the games you like to play, then it is in your best interests to look for an online casino that has a high-quality random number generator. The principles behind random number generators can be looked into by any layman and not just for the technical-minded. Many Internet articles discuss random number generators in detail that even ordinary people with no mathematical wizardry can fully understand.

An important aspect of random number generators is if it can create randomness that mimics the toss of a coin or the shuffle of a deck of cards. Good random number generators are very close to mimicking the randomness of real live games just by relying on a dependable set of mathematical formulas.

You should also look for a random number generator that is not vulnerable to hacking or cracking by players with the intention to beat the system. No random number generator is totally perfect, but the top online casinos regularly take measures to protect the security and integrity of their systems. The best random number generators pass through third-party testing to ensure that the system can withstand unwanted interference.

If you have any questions about random number generators, contact your online casino and ask them about the quality of their system. They will be more than happy to allay your fears about unfair play and security loopholes in online gambling.

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