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Six Rules of Etiquette on the Poker Table

The poker table is where players match up and battle for the pot. Hence, this is where everyone huddles together to play the game of poker. And because this is where every poker players interact, it is best that you learn the rules of etiquette while playing on the poker table.

The first rule of poker etiquette is not to play out of turn. Although this rule has been embellished since preschool, many poker players still find it hard to comply. For instance, the moment a player sees his cards, he immediately folds and surrenders them at the poker table without waiting for others to move beforehand. Hence, it is better to wait for your turn - let the others before you make and announce decision first.

Next, refrain from making comments after you have folded. Your jabbers are probably not necessary around the poker table because you are already excluded from the game. Make use of the silence by observing your enemies so that you can use your gathered information for the next game.

Unless the game is a heads-up or an all-in, do not expose your folded hands on the poker table. Exposing your cards will tell them about the cards that will appear in the later parts of the game.

Another important rule of poker etiquette is to not toss your chips into the pot. This is extremely bad manners to the dealer who has to bear the agony of counting if your chips are correct. Instead, stack those chips, and push them lightly beside the wagered chips.

A string bet is when a player places his chips to call, followed by another set of chips to raise. Avoid string bets because some casinos value only the bets that are placed firstly. Therefore, announce that you are to raise, gather the required chips and place them all into the pot.

Next, show some courtesy to the people around the poker table. Your opponents are trying to be as attentive as they can, so don't act so self important by diverting your attention to other things such as your cell phone. Alcohol is tolerable but snacks are frowned upon at the poker table. Good behavior is expected of the players, so do not curse or treat the dealer as if he were on your payroll.

Good manners displayed around the poker table do very well on improving your poker and social skills. The best way to leave the poker table is a pot of chips - and some new friends!

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