About Texas Hold'Em Poker

Texas Hold’Em Poker is one of the newest poker variations to take the world by storm. It is similar to Omaha in that it uses common cards that all players can make hands off of, but instead of four hole cards, players only get dealt two. New players should understand right off the bat that playing Texas Hold’Em poker is a bit more complicated that the pros on television make it look. It takes time to master and develop their strategy, bluffing system, and poker face. They should also try to master some of the following fundamentals of the game if they plan to win more than they lose.


This is the basic building block of any variation of poker. Texas Hold’Em in particular relies on bettering to get rid of your opponents and make your way into the showdown based on the strength of your cards or the strength of your bluff. Always make your bet wisely and remember that it should be based on capturing the best edge possible on the pot. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will win the pot, just that you may get closer that a lot of the others. Knowing when to bet and when to stand comes with practice.

Limit or No Limit Texas Hold’Em

There is a difference between the two version of Texas Hold’Em poker, and the strategies you use for one are not the same for the other. Limit Texas Hold’Em keeps the bets from climbing sky high. No limit doesn’t. The good poker play will develop two different ways of playing the game. They will know which way to play when the time is right.


A blind is a bet that is made because the rules of the game require it. They usually have a cap as to how much can be bet and if you watch your opponents carefully and look for the reckless bet, you stand a good chance at wining the pot. By attacking the bad player and the way they bet their blinds, you can gain an edge in the game.

Starting Hands

One of the biggest mistakes Texas Hold’Em poker players make is that they fixate on how good or bad their starting hands are. Hands can go either way throughout the course of the game and you need to learn how to play what you’ve got through the pre- and post-flop. Guidelines and starting charts are useless. Play on your ability as a poker player to know the best way your starting hand can be turned to your advantage.


Don’t make stupid mistakes. If you know that you shouldn’t raise because the cards in your hand cannot support it no matter how much you bluff and you do it anyway, you deserve the money you lose. You need to make wise choices when playing poker. When you do, you walk away a winner.

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