Video Poker Machine's Play Buttons

In this article, we describe the active play buttons you might find on a video poker machine. Note that some of the buttons listed may have slightly different names, depending upon the manufacturer, but in general, whether called by one name or another, they serve the same function.

Deal/Draw Button

When coins are inserted into the machine or less than the full number of credits is played, you will have to manually press the "Deal" button to get a hand of five cards dealt to you.

Play Max Credits/Bet Max Coins

Pressing the "Play Max Credits" button will play the full number of credits allowed on the machine and automatically deal the cards. Thus, if the machine accepts five coins as a bet, pressing "Play Max Credits" will deduct five coins from your credits. Similarly, if three coins are the maximum bet, then three coins will be played and that amount will be deducted.

This button may also read as "Bet Max Coins or Play All Credits," or may have another similar designation such as "Play Five Coins" which would amount to the same thing. The "Play Max Credits" button will only activate the game (and deduct the coins played) if you have credit. If there is no credit accrued in the machine, you will have to insert more money into the heart of the beast and play off that until credits are reestablished.

Play One Credit

For players who prefer playing one credit at a time, video poker machines have a "Play One Credit" button. Pressing this button will play one credit toward the next hand. Note: this will not automatically activate the game as the "Play Max Credits" button will do.

However, nothing will happen, that is, cards will not be dealt, until the "Deal" button is pressed.

You can also play two credits by pressing the "Play One Credit" button twice, or three coins by pressing it three times, or the maximum number of credits by pressing this button until the full allowance of coins is reached.

This button may also read as "Bet One Coin or Play One Credit," or have another similar designation amounting to the same thing.

The Cash Out Button

The "Cash Out" button, when pressed, converts all the credits built up over the playing session into coins that drop like a metal waterfall into the coin drop below.

Players use the "Cash Out" button, located prominently on the front of the machine, when they're ready to change machines, to call it a day at the machines altogether, or simply to hear the victory charge of coins pounding into the coin drop. The sound of coins dropping is always fun!

The Change Button

On the far left position on the button display will be a "Change" button. This convenient button brings you door-to-door service from the changeperson. (Normally changegirl, but males do occupy these formerly all-female jobs in some casinos now.) Pressing the "Change" button lights up the red candle light at the top of your machine and lets the attendants know that you need service.

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